Spark Fire Dance on ‘Das Supertalent’ – RTL

Spark Fire Dance on ‘Das Supertalent’ on Germanys RTL channel this Saturday!
Show begins at 8:15pm and we’re the last act on, approx 10pm.
The show will be broadcast in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Croatia and the Netherlands.

I can’t give anything away but it’s probably the highest impact act we’ve ever done!

Das supertalent RTL Feuershow Feuertanz

Das Supertalent Feuershow feuer und flamme jongleur feuertanz

How to choreograph a circus act?

With passion.

Begin with the music. The track must inspire, repeatedly, yet be accessible to your desired audience.
Finding this perfect piece can often be weeks or months of work.
Edit it, shorten, lengthen, chop and swap bits as needed to bring the piece closer to your…

Dream. Listen to the music and forget your limits. Imagine the impossible. Fantasise the most powerful, beautiful, movements.
Tap a desire to do justice to the highs and lows of the beautiful music of your favourite producers.

Visualise. That amazing beginning, or that perfect moment you saw to match that drop… or that beautiful sequence… If only you could…
Well, we can’t do everything, but with repetition and practice we can often do much more than we first think. Visualise those perfect moments but substitute the impossible moves with ones closer to your skills, still pushing your limits… “It would work, but only if I timed it perfectly..” etc.

Play. This is where you will find that some things don’t work like you dreamed, but stay motivated, listen to the beauty in the track, remember your visions. Certain moments of perfection will reveal themselves. Hold them close, adapt the rest.

Refine. The essence of the piece should now be revealing itself. Smooth those connections. Tune those technicalities. Work around the gaps, answers will come.

Eat. Sleep. Drink. Dance. Listen to other music, play with something else.

Refine again…

and then show someone you trust, this fragile, impermanent, shadow of your dream, ask for straight up constructive criticism and take the honest feedback. It may sting, but the piece will be stronger for it.

Refine again…

and before you think it’s ready…. perform it.

Do it with confidence and spirit. Do it with authenticity.
It won’t be exactly as you envision, but it will be enough, and the audience will see the genuine intentions and will appreciate it.

Continue to refine and perform… This step repeats ad infinitum and only ends when you give up the piece.
Hopefully by then you touched many people with it and can be proud of living your dreams.

Slow motion “Painting with flames”

Our latest project “Painting with flames” shot on a RED Epic at 300fps by the Bristol based Clockwise Media.

We’ve had this project atureatured by MTV, VICE creators project and it’s prompted a soon to be aired interview with the Canadian science show ‘Daily Planet‘.

Rest assured, not everything we do is this large and edgy. ALL of our effects can be precisely downsized to suit a specific space.

Hosting a fire act indoors might seem intimidating (especially after watching he below) but we carefully consider each performance space to consistently deliver a spectacular and safe show.


Below excerpt from an upcoming interview to be broadcast on Discovery Canada

What inspired this project?

We were working on an interesting music video shoot with Clockwise Media. Their filming skills are absolutely fantastic and we had great fun playing to their camera.

The footage turned out magical and we wanted to share it with a wider audience, so Dan put this clip together.

What are the risks in your performance?

Burns are obvious, but most of the ongoing risk is in muscle strains from the fast, dynamic movements and hits, bruises, cuts from the props.

When and in which circumstances have you met?

We met on a performance in Shanghai in 2008

Why and how have you decided to become an artist?

Dan : I‘ve been playing and working with fire until I figure out what I want to do… I’m still looking.

Steffi : I started performing at 16 and always loved it.

At first I said to myself: Just once in my life I want to perform this skill for an audience. And then the next skill and the next challenge and so on…

When I started I never thought I could actually make it as an artist, but I’ve managed to never work another job.

How long do you practice?

Depending on our show schedule we train between 10 and 15 hours a week. Most of the rest of the time is spent on prop and costume maintenance or development, admin and logistics, and answering booking enquiries or traveling to events to perform!

What gave you the desire to choose this discipline in particular?

Dan : I always loved the fire prop’s unique movement patterns, finding new ways to move and flow with music is my ongoing inspiration.

Steffi : Fire has a fascinating intensity and character. Working with it is a challenge, but it’s very interesting. I love to dance and explore movement by combining spinning and dance.

What distinguishes you from other artists?

Dan : Intensely specialized in certain unusual fire props, and using large effects.

Steffi : We combine very different props in a unique and new way. As Dan and I haven’t specialized in the same props, it seemed at first almost impossible to create a duo piece. The patterns the fire creates are so powerful that working with different props at the same time is quite unusual. We’re starting to find very interesting ways of bringing our skills together.

What are big shows have you performed on?

Cirque du Soleil’s Zaia in Macau, Art on Ice and Himmel auf Erden in Switzerland, several “Ferias” in Mexico, etc.

In which countries have you already performed on stage?

Dan : 55 countries around the world

Steffi : 43 countries

Do you have any idea of  the amount of audience who saw you on stage stage since you started (in total)?

Dan : No Idea, must be quite a few million by now, hundreds of million if you count TV

Steffi : At one of our last live productions we performed for 15,000 people every day. In the one month we performed there, more than 400,000 people came to watch the show.

Do you practice another activity? Which one?

Steffi: I’m also an aerialist and acrobat.

Professionally speaking, who is your model?

Dan : I admire many other circus performers and athletes, but have no role model. This is still a very new discipline. Ido Portals movement culture is quite interesting though!

What are the TV shows or huge events to which you have participated?

Over the years we’ve been featured on a several TV channels worldwide. (TF1, SRF1, MTV, UK’s iTV, Columbia’s Caracol TV, etc.)

Our most recent appearance was for The John Bishop Show on UK’s BBC1.

What event, show or TV show are you most proud of?

There are so many, the ones to be proud of are when the pressure is on and you can have fun anyway, and walk off stage knowing you gave everything to that moment.

Is there someone who has always encouraged you in your artistic choices?

Dan : My Father and Brother have always encouraged me. It’s hard because performance takes you away from friends and family, to exciting places, but it’s often lonely. You need to encourage yourself and be sure of your own passion for your art

Steffi : Dan has been a driving force in my artistic development. He’s great at bringing it down to the essential.

Which motto could be yours ?

Dan : Anything but average

Steffi : Enjoy and be passionate

Bespoke production sampler 2015



World class production spectacles and corporate event entertainment.

The art of fire at your service.



Ateshgah Fire Temple of Baku

We have the most unusual and beautiful honour to be performing tonight in the Ateshgah Fire Temple of Baku, Azerbaijan.

An ancient Zoroastrian shrine built between the 5th and 7th centuries but possibly worshipped at long before, with seven pillars of flame burning from the ground since records began.

Ateshga literally means “home of fire”. Atash آتش is the Persian word for fire and this temple is dedicated to Jwala Ji “flame” in Sanskrit, worshipped by both Zoroastrians and Hindus over the ages.

Our team of four fire performers is excited and keen to bring our largest flames to bear in this humbling and historic location.

The event is high profile but we can’t mention specifics yet. The broadcast should follow worldwide shortly!