Spark Fire Dance on ‘Das Supertalent’ – RTL

Spark Fire Dance on ‘Das Supertalent’ on Germanys RTL channel this Saturday!
Show begins at 8:15pm and we’re the last act on, approx 10pm.
The show will be broadcast in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Croatia and the Netherlands.

I can’t give anything away but it’s probably the highest impact act we’ve ever done!

Das supertalent RTL Feuershow Feuertanz

Das Supertalent Feuershow feuer und flamme jongleur feuertanz

How to choreograph a circus act?

With passion.

Begin with the music. The track must inspire, repeatedly, yet be accessible to your desired audience.
Finding this perfect piece can often be weeks or months of work.
Edit it, shorten, lengthen, chop and swap bits as needed to bring the piece closer to your…

Dream. Listen to the music and forget your limits. Imagine the impossible. Fantasise the most powerful, beautiful, movements.
Tap a desire to do justice to the highs and lows of the beautiful music of your favourite producers.

Visualise. That amazing beginning, or that perfect moment you saw to match that drop… or that beautiful sequence… If only you could…
Well, we can’t do everything, but with repetition and practice we can often do much more than we first think. Visualise those perfect moments but substitute the impossible moves with ones closer to your skills, still pushing your limits… “It would work, but only if I timed it perfectly..” etc.

Play. This is where you will find that some things don’t work like you dreamed, but stay motivated, listen to the beauty in the track, remember your visions. Certain moments of perfection will reveal themselves. Hold them close, adapt the rest.

Refine. The essence of the piece should now be revealing itself. Smooth those connections. Tune those technicalities. Work around the gaps, answers will come.

Eat. Sleep. Drink. Dance. Listen to other music, play with something else.

Refine again…

and then show someone you trust, this fragile, impermanent, shadow of your dream, ask for straight up constructive criticism and take the honest feedback. It may sting, but the piece will be stronger for it.

Refine again…

and before you think it’s ready…. perform it.

Do it with confidence and spirit. Do it with authenticity.
It won’t be exactly as you envision, but it will be enough, and the audience will see the genuine intentions and will appreciate it.

Continue to refine and perform… This step repeats ad infinitum and only ends when you give up the piece.
Hopefully by then you touched many people with it and can be proud of living your dreams.

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Adventures in Istanbul

We’re loving exploring this fascinating city between our shows. It’s a gorgeous mixture of Asian, Middle East and European influence. Really stunning, beautiful & different. We look forward to coming back for more events or productions and getting to know the city even more.


We’re in Istanbul for a weeks run of performances in the ‘Illuminaire’ Phoenix production.

The 2000 seater theatre is looking great and the city is splashed with billboards advertising the show, which features artists from across europe.

Our hotel overlooks the Bosphorus, watching the sun rise over the Istanbul straight dividing the European and Asian continents, it’s a great place to bridge our past 2 years work in Asia and celebrate our new focus on Europe.

It’s a fascinating city, throbbing with the pulse of 14 million people, gleaming scrapers rising out of neighborhoods with 600 year old spice bazaar’s.

The city is rapidly growing and the event entertainment market seems poised to embrace the next level of corporate quality acts and cirque style shows.

Our local connection speaks of the modernization of Istanbul’s conference and business sector outpacing even the cities rapid population growth in recent years, with the development of the events services industry expanding fast to cater to the new wave of Turkish entertainment requirements, product launches and exclusive private functions.

Dress rehearsals and media previews are under way and the performers and crew are getting ready to rock with a fiery pyrotechnics and circus extravaganza premiere tomorrow night.


MTV EMA 2012 – A Fantastic Production!