Spark Fire Dance on ‘Das Supertalent’ – RTL

Das supertalent RTL Feuershow Feuertanz
Spark Fire Dance on ‘Das Supertalent’ on Germanys RTL channel this Saturday! Show begins at 8:15pm and we’re the last act on, approx 10pm. The show will be broadcast in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Croatia and the Netherlands.I can’t give anything away but it’s probably the highest impact act we’ve ever done!
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How to choreograph a circus act?

Artist focuses at fire temple on a new choreography

With passion. Begin with the music. The track must inspire, repeatedly, yet be accessible to your desired audience. Finding this perfect piece can often be weeks or months of work. Edit it, shorten, lengthen, chop and swap bits as needed to bring the piece closer to your… Dream. Listen to the music and forget your limits. Imagine the impossible. Fantasise the most powerful, beautiful, movements. Tap a desire to do justice to the highs and lows of the beautiful music of your favourite producers.

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Slow motion “Painting with flames”

Fire show by Fire dancer couple Spark Fire

Our latest project “Painting with flames” shot on a RED Epic at 300fps by the Bristol based Clockwise Media.

We’ve had this project atureatured by MTV, VICE creators project and it’s prompted a soon to be aired interview with the Canadian science show ‘Daily Planet‘.

Rest assured, not everything we do is this large and edgy. ALL of our effects can be precisely downsized to suit a specific space.

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Minecon 2015 with Cirque Bijou – Finale Fire Show

Minecon2015 Minecraft London Excel center corporate event entertainment Cirque-Bijou

We were asked to co-direct the finale for Cirque Bijou’s stunning show for Minecon 2015 at the London Excel Centre.

Editing a custom remix of a client selected track, we then conceived the show plot based on a collaboration of equipment from Cirque Bijou and our own supplies.

From time-coding the lighting and stage based pyro shots, to training cube spinners, dancers, aerialists and martial artists in the use of fire and pyrotechnic props.

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Ateshgah Fire Temple of Baku

We have the most unusual and beautiful honour to be performing tonight in the Ateshgah Fire Temple of Baku, Azerbaijan.

An ancient Zoroastrian shrine built between the 5th and 7th centuries but possibly worshipped at long before, with seven pillars of flame burning from the ground since records began.

Ateshga literally means “home of fire”. Atash آتش is the Persian word for fire and this temple is dedicated to Jwala Ji “flame” in Sanskrit, worshipped by both Zoroastrians and Hindus over the ages.

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Easter performances at Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court projection light show

To celebrate 500 years of Hampton Court Palace history the palace’s south facade will be brought to life with a dramatic display of projection-mapped animation, music and pyrotechnics.

We have the honour to provide a bespoke fire and pyrotechnic effects show for this spectacular event spanning 3 nights. A beautiful event at Hampton Court and an opportunity to see Spark Fire Dance perform live.

Further event details and tickets here:

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2014 productions and special events

Fire performers variete artist production

We’ve been busy! End of the year is always a crunch and we’ve been a bit slack on the updates… So here’s a concise list of some of the things we’ve been up to the past 6 months!

Himmel auf Erden – die Weihnachtsshow – Zurich-Oerlikon, Switzerland

The Han Show – Fire Coach & Flame Effects Consultant – Franco Dragone Entertainment Group – Langfang, China

Caracol TV – 20th festival internacional del humor – Bogota, Colombia

ITV – Keep it in the Family – BBC studios – London, UK

20th anniversary Värde – Kensington Palace – London, UK 

Verva Street Racing – Warsaw National Stadium, Poland 

Royal Fireworks Display 2014 – Hampton Court Palace, UK 

London Fashion Week 2014 – London, UK

Cirque Jules Vernes – Amiens, France

SPAR international convention – Westpoint Arena – Exeter, UK

SAP EU convention – Alte Feuerwache – Mannheim, Germany 

Corporate event – Nikki Beach Club – Marbella, Spain

Boomtown Fair 2014 with The Invisible Circus –  UK

Grimm’s Fairy Tales – Private Event – Village Underground – London, UK

Chalcot House – Private Party – Wiltshire, UK 

1920’s theme Wedding – Pennsylvania Castle – UK

 Midsummer Night’s Dream –  Private Estate – UK

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Boomtown Fair 2014 with the Invisible Circus

fireperformers theatrical event entertainment ideas

Piratical adventures with the Invisible Circus on the Jolly Dodger, a full scale 80ft pirate ship built onsite for Boomtown Fair 2014.

Another fantastic chance to work with this amazing crew who fought through blazing hot rehearsals and storms that threatened to break the ship apart (we did lose a lighting tower!) bringing a nail biting tale of the high seas to the eager crowd.

Spark Fire Dance were commissioned to create the finale for the show.

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Fire Coach and Flame Effects consulting

Dragone Fire Ninjas

A very special Fire Coach and Flame Effects consulting contract off to a good start with a Langfang mission success. 2 x 18 hour transits, 5 x 12 hour days coaching in up to 36 degree heat, 6 crazy ninja’s and 2 fire stewards trained and ready for action.

Dan drilled these cast and crew with as much fire knowledge as he could cram in thanks to the help of 4 translators, 18 technical and safety documents, 6 mandarin translations and 2 extensive reports. 

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And they burn….

burning man temple burn

We won’t be joining our fellow burners and fire family out on the playa at Burning Man this year… but here’s a very special composition titled ‘Lake of Dreams’ in their honour. Beautifully shot and soundtracked by Roy Two Thousand

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Fire performers 2014 events – Weddings, palaces, private parties and more

feuer show based in europe fire elves by spark fire dance

2014 has been non stop so far!

After returning from the tour with Art on Ice through Switzerland, Sweden and Finland (see the spectacular photo’s here) we were soon off to rather an adventurous gig in Nigeria. Two promotional nights in the city of Enugu for one of the countries largest beverage companies. Despite an unfortunately necessary heavy security presence after an attempted car jacking the event was great fun and well received by a very excited crowd.

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Excerpt from an upcoming interview for Fire Arts Magazine:

What do you mean by Clean Burning fuel and would you consider White Gas (Coleman’s Fuel) to be clean?Well that’s a bit subjective. ‘Clean’ is a meaningless term except in marketing and perhaps I should not have used it.

You could take ‘clean’ to mean odourless, smoke/carbon black free or non toxic, and in 2 of those 3 definitions ‘Coleman’s’ is clearly a better choice than some of the Australians kerosene use or the British with their paraffin.

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Arena & stadium special effects for Art on Ice 2014 production tour

corporate entertainers and circus performers for events entertainment

firebreathing-effects-performers-from-spark-fire-dance-at-art-on-ice-2014fire jugglers for hire, fire show entertainers, circus artists for hire london, corporate event acts, fire shows and dancers

art-on-ice-fire-show-with-hurts-loreen-fire-breathing-swords-uk-performers-spark-fire-danceunique wedding entertainment ideas, fire shows in UK, circus act lists, fire dance, fire acts

firebreathers-fire-juggler-sfx-by-spark-fire-dance-at-art-on-ice-2014london acrobats, fire show entertainment, circus artists for hire belgium, cirque du soleil fire show, the fire dancer

Art on Ice 2014 fire-performers-from-london-arena-production-custom-effects-artistsfirebreathers-entertainment--spectacular-fire-finale-pyrotechnics-performing-artists Art on Ice 2014

Art on Ice 2014 fire-breathing-pyro-fx-at-premiere-launch-event-art-on-ice-2014-arena-productionLondon fire show group product launch arena production act Art on Ice 2014

Art on Ice 2014 girl-on-fire-circus-artist-stunt-fire-performer-steffi-from-spark-fire-dance-in-switzerlandBespoke party entertainment fire dancing, corporate entertainment acts Art on Ice 2014

Art on Ice 2014 cirque-style-fire-show-spectacular-unique-actsfire artist, fire shows, fire spinners, fire entertainment, corporate entertainment agency Art on Ice 2014

Art on Ice 2014 bonfire-night-performers-uk-entertainment-productions-companies-spark-fire-danceevent production ideas, fire shows and dancers, circus artists for hire malta, fire show entertainer show, fire act artist Art on Ice 2014

Art on Ice 2014 fire-swords-ninja-character-pyrotechnics-effects-by-spark-fire-dance-ukFire group event entertainment as spectacular as fire breathers Art on Ice 2014

Art on Ice 2014 conference-entertainment-cirque-du-soleil-fire-showlondon fire shows, london performers, luxury entertainment, fire dancer london Art on Ice 2014

Art on Ice 2014 film-tv-stunt-artists-for-hire-fire-performer-dan-miethke-at-art-on-iceuk performers create stunning london fire shows and circus acts - unique entertainment ideas!

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New bespoke flame effects – Fire breathing swords for ‘Art on Ice’ production

entertainer fire swords fire breather

Check out our newest and biggest effects, created for Art on Ice and premiered in the Hallestadion in Zurich. These massive fire swords create a huge cloud of fire with Dan in the middle of it all. This fire stunt culminates in Dan lighting beautiful helix trails of fire on the ice.

Such a fantastic cast and crew to work with. More footage and photos to come. The entire show will be broadcast on March 23rd.

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Art on Ice – Zurich premiere

Hallenstadium light show entertainer uk party entertainers arena switzerland

A wild week of effects design and testing, rehearsals, choreography and some last minute arrivals of the olympic gold medalist cast members, direct from Sochi, all culminating in our spectacular premiere show Thursday night!

Resounding success to a huge crowd. Ten thousand people in the Hallenstadion Zurich. One show done today, another tonight and two tomorrow, then we’re off to Lausanne.

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Zurich, Lausanne, Davos, Helsinki, Stockholm…. Spark Fire Dance on tour!

Art on Ice stage show, stadium and audience

We’re flying out to Switzerland today to perform as part of the ‘Art on Ice’ production, with a cast including ‘Hurts’ and other former Cirque du Soleil and Olympic athletes!

We’ll be presenting brand new even larger fire and special effects and will be literally setting the ice on fire in front of a projected tour live audience of more than 100,000 spectators. The shows will also be recorded and broadcast worldwide!


Hallenstadion Zurich, Thursday 27th Feb.

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Open letter response to America’s Got Talent


We feel that productions with budget can do better than to ask artists with highly skilled or dangerous acts to perform simply for ‘exposure’. It undermines the professionalism of the circus arts industry and disrespects the years of effort it takes to attain these talents.


Hi Carter,

Thanks for getting in contact. To give you an idea of what we could present you can see a recent TV performance of ours on ‘Beat the Best’ in France here: Our performers are UK based however we are available worldwide for bookings.

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UK Fire show premiere… London to Paris for ‘le Meilleur Artiste’

firebreather party entertainment fire breathing

Unique new act based in London, available across the UK, Europe and the Middle East. 

We took part in the french version of ‘Beat the Best’ where we performed our speciality Electroswing Fire Show. The pressure was on and had a hard time finding a suitable rehearsal space to accommodate our large scale special effects and stunts, but it all came together and we are very pleased to present our performance!

The jury was taken aback and felt the heat of our ‘Dragon Fire‘ effects and we loved their comments!

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Getty Images shoot – Super detailed fire effects

Fire Show by UK performers

We recently collaborated with an acclaimed photographer from Getty images, Ian Gavan, on a mission to capture some of the full force of the fire we’re working with.

Our first shoot with him was out on a beautiful beach location at Saunton Sands here in the UK.

Heavy winds were a major challenge and we had to race to catch some sunset shots, but we persevered and got some amazing material thanks to Ians superb skills behind the lens.

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MTFX Flame Jets. Starlight productions & Cirque Bijou

fire breather fire show fire entertainment


We shared the stage with MTFX for a beautiful private event at Dumfries house in Scotland with Starlight Productions and Cirque Bijou.

Great to meet a couple of their crew and have a good chat about fire tech. Check out their wild flame jet systems firing after our ‘Ultimate FX!’ act!

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The Best, le meilleur Artiste on TF1 – Spark Fire Dance on Beat the Best!

Our performance for “The Best, le meilleur Artiste” has just aired on Frances TF1! We haven’t even seen it yet but the feedback we’re getting is fantastic. We’re so excited to have performed our act to such a wide audience in France, Switzerland, Belgium etc. Footage should be up soon. Until then just a couple of photos!

l’émission 7 de The Best, le meilleur artiste

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Fire and light shows in Mexico & the US

London acrobats combine traditional circus skills with contemporary fire dance and unique SFX

We’re back in Mexico again for one of our favorite events, the San Luis Potosí Feria Nacional 2013! 3 days of intensive rehearsals and we’re hitting the stage with an innovative show featuring some amazing acrobats, shadow dancers and projection performances by Flowmotion Dance Company. Three power packing 16k lumen projectors making it a remarkable light show.

The audiences are loving our signature ‘Dragons Breath’ fireball effects, similar in effect to a firebreathers burst, it’s a fantastic human flamethrower impression, without any of the health dangers or messiness of firebreathing!

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2013, what a huge year so far!

A bit of a catch up post for us, we’ve been flat out!

Cannes Film Festival & Monaco Force Blue Superyacht 2 weeks of high rollers galore as we performed on a super yacht in Monaco with the superstars of LMFAO and added our flaming signature to customised productions for the 2013 Cannes Film Festival.

Paris – Le Meilleur Artiste We recently had an amazing two days of filming for the exclusive french talent show, Le Meilleur Artiste!

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Adventures in Istanbul

Acrobat Handstand Blue Mosque Istanbul Entertainment

We’re loving exploring this fascinating city between our shows. It’s a gorgeous mixture of Asian, Middle East and European influence. Really stunning, beautiful & different. We look forward to coming back for more events or productions and getting to know the city even more.

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We’re in Istanbul for a weeks run of performances in the ‘Illuminaire’ Phoenix production.

The 2000 seater theatre is looking great and the city is splashed with billboards advertising the show, which features artists from across europe.

Our hotel overlooks the Bosphorus, watching the sun rise over the Istanbul straight dividing the European and Asian continents, it’s a great place to bridge our past 2 years work in Asia and celebrate our new focus on Europe.

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Four Seasons Hotel Opening – Azerbaijan

circus show london party entertainment ideas party entertainment

We’ve just come back from a fantastic performance in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, where we performed ‘Fire Fury’ for the opening of the new Four Seasons Hotel.

Overlooking the Caspian sea, Baku’s history is part of an ancient trade route from Persia through to the Ottoman empire. Between rehearsals we took a stroll through the city and noticed wild architectural contrasts, ranging from modern designs to buildings in the old city which date back as far as the 7th century.

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Spark Fire Dance Live! at the MTV European Music Awards 2012

event entertainment for the MTV circus show - huge fire act

Dan & Steffi will be performing at the MTV awards in Frankfurt, broadcast worldwide live on Sunday.

Dan will be doing some well hot Fire Sword effects and Steffi flaming skipping rope performed around the host Heidi Klum and during Psy’s performance of Gangnam Style.

We have some massive fire effects, gorgeous custom fire fans choreography and fantastic handbalance on the main stage during Taylor Swifts closing performance.

We’ve been working closely with some wonderful pyro guys from Germany’s premiere pyro company and the cast and artistic directors of Cirque Bijou, offering fire safety and fuels technical advice and performing our signature handheld fireball effects throughout the production.

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We’re very excited to launch our new website!

entertainment for events by cirque du soleil firedancers
After 2 years day in and out with the largest fire act Cirque du Soleil has ever produced, we are again offering spectacular acts to the corporate events market.

We’ve just returned from a production run on ‘Magic & Mystery’ in Mexico, and our new act ‘Fire Fury’ is now available.

Electroswing footage is also on the way after an explosively successful film shoot in the Vienna studio’s!

Now based in the UK and offering our latest unique and high power fire shows.

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A day in the life of a Cirque du Soleil performer

Zaia Cast 2012 - Cirque du Soleil Production in the Venetian Macau

Quora answer by Dan Miethke, Firedancer, Cirque du Soleil artist

Well, as far as my day here on a resident show: First & before all else, Coffee.

I have long mornings, and make the most of it, doing the majority of my reading, internet etc. going for a run on the trails nearby or a swim if its summer.

If I have a training session or fire rehearsal scheduled for the afternoon, head in a bit early, I live 10 minutes drive from the theatre.

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