Four Seasons Hotel Opening – Azerbaijan

We’ve just come back from a fantastic performance in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, where we performed ‘Fire Fury’ for the opening of the new Four Seasons Hotel.

Overlooking the Caspian sea, Baku’s history is part of an ancient trade route from Persia through to the Ottoman empire.
Between rehearsals we took a stroll through the city and noticed wild architectural contrasts, ranging from modern designs to buildings in the old city which date back as far as the 7th century.

The water front promenade, just across the road from the Four Seasons, was beautiful at sun set and ideal for some handstand practice before preparing for our performance.

Opening the event with some freestyle fire meet & greet we gave a warm welcome to all the invitees including the President of Azerbaijan and his entourage.

From this fire performance we went on to get ready for the highlight of the evening.
Working with a super team of artists Fire Fury was the finale to a customized production featuring acrobatic adagio, a cyr wheel act and a crack team from the world famous Gandini jugglers.

The client was thrilled and invited us back next year. Mission success!

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