UK Fire show premiere… London to Paris for ‘le Meilleur Artiste’

Unique new act based in London, available across the UK, Europe and the Middle East. 

We took part in the french version of ‘Beat the Best’ where we performed our speciality Electroswing Fire Show. The pressure was on and had a hard time finding a suitable rehearsal space to accommodate our large scale special effects and stunts, but it all came together and we are very pleased to present our performance!

The jury was taken aback and felt the heat of our ‘Dragon Fire‘ effects and we loved their comments!


Full Transcript:

To take over the couch at The Best, we’re welcoming a couple coming from the UK, Spark Fire Dance  

Dan and Steffi travel the world with their Fire Dance Show. 

Dan: Fire dancing is a unique combination of prop manipulation, martial arts and dance. We’ve performed all over the world in over 80 cities and more than 40 countries around the world. I’ve worked with Cirque du Soleil. 

Normally the fire artists just light up the end of a prop and then complete figures by spinning, juggling and throwing the prop. 

Presenter: Dan and Steffi literally dance with the fire. Dan has created their speciality props which allow them to include special effects into their circus acts, similar to a firebreather, as here where Dan literally sets his partner on fire.  

Dan: To be out there on stage with fire is to work with something that’s moving and alive. To manipulate that power and to work with that power is an amazing thing. 

Presenter: Their fire shows have been performed in more than 40 countries. They dance with fire in an incredibly modern act created especially for this competition. 

Welcome to the stage of “The Best”… Spark Fire Dance! 

Ladies and gentlemen please show your appreciation for Spark Fire Dance who have literally set the tent on fire tonight. 

It goes without saying that these are two experienced circus artists. Don’t try to do this at home next to the BBQ, it won’t work and it could be very dangerous. 

Well, Spark Fire Dance have they lit up the audience and the jury?

We will know in just an moment. You have a few seconds to give the two of them a rating out of ten. 

And it’s finished! 

Alessandra: I watched you during this number and I thought ‘Wow, Wow!’ 

Presenter: So was it ‘Wow’ for you Alessandra? 

Alessandra: Absolutely, I’m scared of even a matchstick, so I was really amazed.  

I truly had the impression that I was part of a fire works display. 

There were sparks everywhere, even in my eyes, because it was so beautiful… and also what this very, very beautiful and talented Miss did with her sort of fans. 

I’ve seen it done before, but only with feathers – notably, Zizi Jeanmaire in a choreography of Roland Petit ‘Mon truc en Plumes’… I found this very, very beautiful, choreographically very accomplished.

They are courageous, they are good looking, they are young, Truly they have a lot to offer … 8.1 points! 

Presenter: Arturo, what did you think of this number? 

Arturo: I have truly never seen anything like it. 

I liked the mix of Jazz with Fire, it gave visions of some kind of gambling den or casino, with the devil playing cards. The production is extraordinary. 

It reminded me of the acts that were performed back in the grand theatres of music halls, some rare exceptional acts of the 40s and 50s… truly! 

So, I gave you 7.5 points. 

Presenter: Well, this is equally a good score for Arturo Brachetti, a very good score! 

So Lara, you have been pretty much in accord with Alessandra from the beginning of this series…

Lara: I thought that the level of difficulty transcended was absolute.  

I think if you play with an element so vivd and so dangerous as fire with such mastery, you can’t be anything but ‘The Best’. 

Alessandra is right in repeating, you are exceptional. 

Unique in what you do and very novel. 

I’ve given you 7.5 points. 

Presenter: And we will finish with Sébastien Stella… 

Sébastien: In The United Sates I see a lot of fire acts,  fire eaters, fire jugglers, Thus I loved the innovations here. 

He was able to research how to create much bigger flames. I like it when a fire performer is able to play with the risk and with the audience and to bring the flames so close to the audience as you did. 

Arturo: Lara, she’s got a tan now, look! Only from the front… You haven’t lost your eyelashes, have you? 

Sébastien: I think now at this level of prop manipulation, of knowing the fire, I really hope that they will continue pushing the limits and to create more works together. 

I gave 7.1 points. 

Presenter: All scores above 7 for Spark Fire Dance. In an instance we will se the average score of the jury.

7.6 points, excellent score! A tiny little bit lower than the one of Hamish McCann. 

It’s the public again that will make the difference. 

To go up these stairs you have to get a score higher than 16.4.

The jury, I remind you, has given you a score of 7.6. 

Let’s all see if the public has followed the opinion of the jury… 

score counter… (drum roll) 

14.7 … 

Unfortunately this won’t be enough. 

Thank you, for your presentation. 

The Australian pole dancer Hamish McCann has maintained his position against his first challengers 

The deluge of fire and the choreography of Spark Fire Dance have not topped it.

The competition stops here for Dan and Steffi. 

Alessandra: Spark Fire Dance – I found them outstanding, very dangerous and very impressive and very elegant at the same time. They act, they literally play with fire, acrobatics, dance, all of it.

Thanks to The Best, we can see they are dream makers…. I think they could have very well risen to the Finals!

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