Boomtown Fair 2014 with the Invisible Circus

Piratical adventures with the Invisible Circus on the Jolly Dodger, a full scale 80ft pirate ship built onsite for Boomtown Fair 2014.

Another fantastic chance to work with this amazing crew who fought through blazing hot rehearsals and storms that threatened to break the ship apart (we did lose a lighting tower!) bringing a nail biting tale of the high seas to the eager crowd.

Spark Fire Dance were commissioned to create the finale for the show. An epic battle scene involving replica cannon shots and rockets fired over the crowds heads, sword fights, stunt falls and setting the ship on fire, literally! 

Two weeks of preparation included soundtrack creation, custom costumes and design of the ship mounted pyrotechnics display which featured line rockets, maroons, bengals, flares, airbursts and 28 simulated cannon shots from the portside guns.

We choreographed the onstage action to ensure maximum effect from our signature Dragon Fire systems and handheld pyro props while ensuring the safety of the cast and crew despite wind hazards and proximity.

One of the interesting challenges of this production was providing a 10m wide deck fire effect to simulate the Jolly Roger on fire in the midst of lighting, monitors, authentic heshian rigging and wooden decking. 

Site specific risk assessments were prepared factoring in the distinct hazards of the set and situation including the unpredictable wind. A speciality low flash point fuel dispersal system was built to facilitate the effect, successfully lighting up the whole side of the ship while allowing the cast to safely perform just two feet away from the flames and ensuring sets and equipment were never affected.

Some great shots of the action below. We’re eagerly waiting for some spider cam footage from the show and will post it soon!

Spark Fire Dance - Boomtown Pirate Show

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