Das supertalent feuer show ‚Spark Fire Dance‘ on RTL

Das supertalent RTL Feuershow Feuertanz

Verpasst uns nicht! Spark Fire Dance diesen Samstag auf RTL’s ‘Das Supertalent’. Showbeginn 20.15, wir sind der letzte Act. Bitte verwenden Sie die Menu-Optionen and der linken Seite, wo Sie weitere Informationen zu unseren Feuershows,… Read More

How to choreograph a circus act?

Artist focuses at fire temple on a new choreography

With passion. Begin with the music. The track must inspire, repeatedly, yet be accessible to your desired audience. Finding this perfect piece can often be weeks or months of work. Edit it, shorten, lengthen, chop… Read More

Slow motion „Painting with flames“

Fire show by Fire dancer couple Spark Fire

Our latest project „Painting with flames“ shot on a RED Epic at 300fps by the Bristol based Clockwise Media. This project has been picked up by MTV, VICE creators project and aired with an interview… Read More

Minecon 2015 with Cirque Bijou – Finale Fire Show

Minecon2015 Minecraft London Excel center corporate event entertainment Cirque-Bijou

We were asked to co-direct the finale for Cirque Bijou’s stunning show for Minecon 2015 at the London Excel Centre. Editing a custom remix of a client selected track, we then conceived the show plot based… Read More

Boomtown Fair 2014 with the Invisible Circus

We had the pleasure to direct the finale of the action packed Invisible Circus show on the amazing Jolly Dodger. Read more about the event here.  

Bespoke production sampler 2015

  World class production spectacles and corporate event entertainment. The art of fire at your service.  

Ateshgah Fire Temple of Baku

We have the most unusual and beautiful honour to be performing tonight in the Ateshgah Fire Temple of Baku, Azerbaijan. An ancient Zoroastrian shrine built between the 5th and 7th centuries but possibly worshipped at… Read More

Easter performances at Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court projection light show

To celebrate 500 years of Hampton Court Palace history the palace’s south facade will be brought to life with a dramatic display of projection-mapped animation, music and pyrotechnics. We have the honour to provide a bespoke fire… Read More

2014 productions and special events

Fire performers variete artist production

We’ve been busy! End of the year is always a crunch and we’ve been a bit slack on the updates… So here’s a concise list of some of the things we’ve been up to the… Read More

Boomtown Fair 2014 with the Invisible Circus

fireperformers theatrical event entertainment ideas

Piratical adventures with the Invisible Circus on the Jolly Dodger, a full scale 80ft pirate ship built onsite for Boomtown Fair 2014. Another fantastic chance to work with this amazing crew who fought through blazing… Read More

Fire Coach and Flame Effects consulting

Dragone Fire Ninjas

A very special Fire Coach and Flame Effects consulting contract off to a good start with a Langfang mission success. 2 x 18 hour transits, 5 x 12 hour days coaching in up to 36 degree… Read More

And they burn….

burning man temple burn

We won’t be joining our fellow burners and fire family out on the playa at Burning Man this year… but here’s a very special composition titled ‚Lake of Dreams‘ in their honour. Beautifully shot and soundtracked by Roy… Read More

Arena & stadium special effects for Art on Ice 2014 production tour

corporate entertainers and circus performers for events entertainment

firebreathing-effects-performers-from-spark-fire-dance-at-art-on-ice-2014fire jugglers for hire, fire show entertainers, circus artists for hire london, corporate event acts, fire shows and dancersart-on-ice-fire-show-with-hurts-loreen-fire-breathing-swords-uk-performers-spark-fire-danceunique wedding entertainment ideas, fire shows in UK, circus act lists, fire dance, fire actsfirebreathers-fire-juggler-sfx-by-spark-fire-dance-at-art-on-ice-2014london acrobats, fire… Read More

on tour…

fire juggling, corporate event entertainment, firegroup, Cirque Bijou, fire act, fire spinner, Fire Spark, fire performers, corporate entertainer

Art on Ice – Zurich premiere

Hallenstadium light show entertainer uk party entertainers arena switzerland

A wild week of effects design and testing, rehearsals, choreography and some last minute arrivals of the olympic gold medalist cast members, direct from Sochi, all culminating in our spectacular premiere show Thursday night! Resounding… Read More